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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Souray Sweepstakes: We All Missed the Obvious

For the past few weeks the Sheldon Souray Sweepstakes has intrigued everyone. Speculation has centered mostly around the Kings, Sharks, Ducks, Devils, Rangers, etc. But this stallion (offensively at least) went to a "dark horse" candidate—the Oilers.

One could argue that Souray being an Alberta native, combined with Kevin's Lowe's ability and need to spend big bucks to land a thoroughbred UFA, would have made the Oilers one of the favorites all along.
Those issues were probably a factor, but the most important element and main reason why Souray will be doing his skating (and shooting) in Edmonton this year is because he is not living with his wife.
Since Angelica Bridges is a Los Angeles based actress, there is currently no Mrs. Souray accompanying him—telling him to choose between her and the City of Edmonton. Where Kevin Lowe failed with Mrs. Pronger and Mrs. Nylander, he never had to worry about with Souray. Although we all should have known this, we never saw it coming.

In fact, as an offshoot of the Souray situation, Kevin Lowe may have brilliantly hatched an effective new strategy: target the most talented, maritally non-attached free agents in the NHL. He could further enhance this strategy by turning Edmonton into a singles haven. Don't be surprised if the next contracts he signs are with Hooters or Playboy Enterprises, before resuming his pursuit of elite hockey talent.
Let's not underestimate Kevin Lowe again. He's a great competitor, who may have just learned how to turn a liability into an asset.


mblake55 said...

The funniest thing is that it's all true.

Anonymous said...

I guess Lowe is trying to get Souray some company with Penner. If you're right then I assume Penner is still a bachlor.

Merle said...

You made your point in just a few paragraphs. A refreshing change to your other marathon posts. All quite amusing though.