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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cullen to Canes Challenge—Prove That I Didn't Nail It First!

Maybe it’s a case of petty-pomposity, or maybe I just have nothing better to do with my time. But my July 9 blog was the first written occurrence in the hockey world to speculate on the Rangers trading Cullen back to Carolina.

Click Here to See the First Written Mention of This Trade:

It wasn’t a case of sudden, brilliant prognosticating. Instead it was a simple case of putting 2 and 2 together (No I’m not cloning Brian Leetch, bringing them out of retirement and pairing them with each other).

It was reported that Carolina was looking for a third line center, and with the Rangers tight to the cap and having recently acquired Gomez and Drury, Cullen’s expendability and recent history with the Canes seemed to make this one obvious. Within a couple of days of July 9, this trade was being speculated everywhere. But on July 9, it was only “moi”.

The Challenge: If anyone can produce concrete evidence that this trade was publicly mentioned in writing before my post on July 9 at 4:06 PM Eastern Time, then I will owe you a bag of pucks.

Not much I admit, but I’m just an unpaid, volunteer blog writer. If by some miracle you do win this challenge, hit up Matt Cullen and his $2.8 million a year contract for a grander prize. Besides, humiliating the Hockey Humorist in public should be reward enough for any of you.


JimmyK said...

What kind of pucks do I get when I nail you? New, used.

Alex said...

Prove me wrong first, and then we'll talk turkey (hockey pucks).

Anonymous said...

YOu win. I couldn't find any mention of it first. Believe it or not I actually searched for a couple of hours without any luck.

Congrats. Oh well no bag of pucks for me.

Anonymous said...

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